6 Tips on How to Sell a House

    Life is in a constant state of shifts and changes. There are times when we need to move on to the next adventure. That decision can include selling a house. The home selling process can seem overwhelming, but there’s no need to walk the path alone. We’ve put together 6 tips on how to sell a house that you may find helpful. When you’re ready to begin the process, we would love to talk to you about how we can help.

    agent 1Tip 1 – Find a Real Estate Agent

    If the engine blows on your vehicle, you are not going to pop the hood and begin replacing it yourself. Most likely, you will seek out the help of a mechanic who is trained to do the job correctly. Why would you do things differently when selling your house? A professional real estate agent has the knowledge and experience you need to navigate the home selling process without losing time and money. That’s right, what you don’t know can cause your house to sit on the market collecting dust or bring in offers that fall short. Your goal is to get the best return on your investment in the shortest amount of time. Your real estate agent is a pro at making this happen! Not only that, but they will help you wade through all the laws, regulations, and paperwork associated with the transaction. Don’t stick a for sale sign on your house without a real estate agent by your side.

    Tip 2 – Prepare Ahead

    Walk around your property and house during the day and at night. Make notes about things that need your attention. Make any needed repairs and address items that may cause a potential buyer concern. During the home selling process, your house will undergo several inspections. They will check for everything from leaking roofs to insect problems. Don’t get caught in an embarrassing situation that can delay the sale of your house and cost you money. Planning ahead will put you ahead of the game.

    sellers 2Tip 3 – Know Your Home’s Worth

    Start right from the beginning by getting a rough estimate of how much your house is worth. You can do that by using a home valuation calculator. Next, check with your real estate agent. They will put together a comprehensive report that considers things like the most recent homes sold in your area, upgrades you’ve made, community factors, and current real estate market trends. This report will give you a pretty good foundation for setting your asking price. Keep in mind that the asking price and the selling price are two different things. The asking price is the amount you set and hope to receive. The selling price is the amount the buyer is willing to pay and what you actually receive. You want those two amounts to be as close as possible. In order to make this happen, you need to price your house competitively from the beginning.

    Tip 4 – Make the House Appealing

    You want to grab a potential home buyers attention as soon as they park in your driveway. This attention to decor, furnishings, and the state of your property is called www. Think of it as having your house look like it’s a model home. For the duration of the time your house is on the market, you want it show ready for anyone who drops in for a tour. Start outside with having your landscaping maintained. Remove any decorations and store toys out of sight. Clean up any debris. On the inside, make things look appealing by removing oversize furnishings that make rooms look small. Remove any personal collections, photos, and items that may be controversial. Keep things neutral in color to appeal to the widest range of buyers.

    for sale 2Tip 5 – Know When to Leave

    You may think it will be helpful to stick around during an open house or tour. After all, you have a lot of information to share. Unfortunately, your presence may have the opposite impact on a potential home buyer by making them uncomfortable. Let your real estate agent work on your behalf. They are pros at this, too! You can trust them to answer questions and make everyone feel right at home. If you have pets, consider taking them with you or having them in a different location. People may have allergies or fears that make them nervous around pets. Aside from that, strangers in your house can be stressful on pets. Making sure they are in a safe place is best for them and any visitors.

    Tip 6 – Be Patient with the Process

    Once your house is on the market and gathering interest from potential buyers, don’t be surprised if multiple offers come in at the same time. Your real estate agent will be right these to advise you and help you communicate with the buyers. When it’s time to negotiate, let your real estate agent be your voice. You’ll need to decide on accepting an offer or letting it go to wait for another. Either way, be patient with the home selling process, and you’ll walk¬†away with a positive experience.

    The best source for information on the home selling process is your real estate agent. We would love to talk with you about how we can help sell your house. Give one of our agents at TeamWorks WorldWide a call at 941-779-5149.

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