Buyers do have choices in our market but they may be limited

    For those of you interested in buying re-sale properties or new homes in Florida and whether you live in the Sarasota area or you’re thinking of moving here it’s a buyers market but not always. What do I mean? In certain price points you’re extremely limited. In fact you may be faced with multiple offer situations. And the pickings are slim in a variety of price bands. As an example, buyers need to be realistic about what they expect to get for $110,000 in a single family home. It sure won’t be perfect. It won’t be a new build. It will most likely have issues but it could also be an incredible investment. You’ve got to be represented by agents that really understand the market by price band and to help you to face the facts when it comes to what your expectations should be in particular price points. Don’t waste your time looking at properties that have challenges if you’re not either willing or able to accept the challenge. I hope that makes sense. I always tell our clients that we’ll give them the good, the bad and the ugly. It so important to really understand what a buyer’s appetite is for repairs, remodels, or even just paint. Some folks don’t want to do a thing to a property – they just want to move right on in with their treasures. That may mean a new build which we can assist with. After all, the reps at the models are there on behalf of the builder. They work for them and that’s why it’s imperative for a buyer to have their own representation.

    Pricing is key to a seller’s success but it’s also a requirement for a buyer to have that inside scoop. As a buyer, do you have the most up to date information on the price point/price band you’re interested in? And no, you cannot trust the national websites like Zillow – they do have a disclaimer for a reason. They haven’t been inside the area, inside the community and most definitely they haven’t visited the home you may be interested in. A local professional Realtor is your best resource. Pricing is not just local – it’s hyper local. It may differ from street to street depending upon location and condition. We have the most up to date tools to assist you in understanding the bang you can get for your buck.

    So, whether you’re interested in a broad brush look at our market or you know exactly what you want and where, we can help you to understand what your options are. Just email us at and ask for a market report. No obligation. It’ll be our pleasure. And keep checking in. We’re here to help.



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