Ford’s Garage in Brandon is worth the visit

    Whether you’re out looking at Florida homes for sale, shopping for that bottle of wine or taking your Motor Coach into be serviced like we did Saturday, you’ve got to check out this restaurant in Brandon. Ford’s Garage has a decor that everyone who has ever driven or even sat in a car or truck can appreciate. It has sinks made out of tires and faucets out of gas pumps. Your napkins are oil rags (not used of course) and a pipe fitting is used as a napkin ring. I loved the table that stuck right out of the back of an old Ford pick up. What about the food you say? Super burgers, great meatloaf and Greg raves about the chocolate shakes. I really like to have gravy with my fries and they delivered – it’s just the right beefy flavor. I dig that the waitresses are wearing retro clothes and often braid their hair or wear a handkerchief as a hairband. The service was attentive and they brought water right away for our gang of 3 doggies. That’s always impressive to this puppy mom. Next time you’re thinking about a burger surrounded by auto parts go to Ford’s Garage. Yummy!

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