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    In Ellenton, Florida We’ve Got Ice, Ice Baby!

    I’ve been on a hockey kick this week. I’ve complemented it with wine and continuing in the spirit (ha) of things I had a great visit with some colleagues last night. Mark Black with Wells Fargo is a huge Boston Bruins fan. He’s a bit sad that Boston lost to the Ottawa Senators, a team whose home town is where my husband and business partner was born and raised. I told him we had run into Larry Robinson on the weekend. This tower of power won a few more Stanley Cups than most guys – as a coach and a player. Currently working with the Sharks, he was not excited that Edmonton had crushed San Jose. I am still grateful to Larry for the donations he made to Keller Williams Cares, our company’s charity. He gave us some autographed gear including pants, gloves and a helmet for our charity auction! He’s a great guy. You may ask what a NHL legend is doing living in Florida? Well, the Ellenton Ice Rink is close and there are great men’s leagues playing there. The Tampa Bay Lightning arena is just up the road. And Robinson Farms can house its polo ponies at the Sarasota Polo Club. That’s a definite win/win/win.

    Speaking of the Tampa Bay Lightning. I remember when Tampa played the Flames and won the Stanley Cup. There was so much interest in hockey. Prior to that time, as I would quote, “The folks here didn’t know the difference between a face off and a face lift!” I would often hear how worried they were for their players because Calgary was playing rough. They’d tell me that Canadians played hockey just for the fight. I guess they had never heard our famous Canadian saying: I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out! They’d ask me, “What about scoring goals rather than punches?” Ha, that was funny. Most of the Tampa team was from Canada. Tampa’s win made a huge impact on our area and being close to that action is exciting for a lot of us and a fantastic reason to live here.

    I also met Beau Lavigne with Lennar Homes who sells out of River Strand, a golf course and waterfront community very close to Ellenton. Beau loves the Detroit Red Wings and he plays hockey at the Ellenton Arena. By the way, Ellenton is home to some pretty spectacular figure skaters – remember the 2010 Silver Medal Winning Ice Dancers Davis and White? And it has world class shopping right next door. It’s a great place to live and we can help you with that!

    I was fortunate to meet Paula Hostetler with US Health. She lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for 20 plus years and became very familiar with hockey because of the Carolina Hurricanes. So Paula weighed in on our hockey talk with stories of her own. Her day job is to provide health care to all of us and we’ll be checking out her company’s plans in the next few days.

    Back to Mark with Wells Fargo. According to him, Wells Fargo chooses one lender in their area to do REO (Real Estate Owned) mortgage lending. This lender specializes in financing all things REO. So if you’re looking at a foreclosure property (we represent Fannie Mae and other banks) then Mark’s your go to guy. Especially if you want to do a renovation loan.

    Since I have been pairing hockey with wine I decided on a tasty glass of Chalk Hill Chardonnay At Gecko’s On Hillview in Sarasota which is where I met this hockey loving group. The wine was not on the 2 for 1 menu! I do not care for anything un-oaked so the Chalk Hill fit the bill and I’d rather pay a few dollars more for a glass of wine that I truly enjoy.

    There you have it. Wine, hockey, real estate, health care, shopping, skating and more wine and hockey capped off with a great discussion on Polish Restaurants that I’ll save for a later day.

    Chalk Hill Chardonnay
    Ice Ice Hockey Baby
    A Lennar Home in River Strand
    Aerial View of the Sarasota Polo Club


                          Remember to Drink a Little and Dance a Lot!

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