Investment Flip or Flop?

    It’s a fact that there are a lot of investors out there and not enough quick flips to go around. Definitely in the $250,000 and below, unless you’re going to buy and hold. The rental market is tight, especially in the single family home arena. So, that’s an option. If you’re set on flipping you might raise your price point and look to places like Anna Maria. Take a property that may need an addition or a pool for example. If it’s surrounded by homes that are larger and much more expensive then you have a great opportunity to build out and get a good ROI.  Or, in this case you could also entertain vacation rental options.

    Bottom line, what do you want to achieve? And do you have all of the facts? You’re smart and I know you won’t base a potential business decision  upon opinion only. You need the most current data from professionals so you can make the wisest choice.

    If you’re interested in our Key Royale property – just email and we’ll get you the info that you need. Flip or Flop? Let’s see what the odds are out there. We’re standing by!


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