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    Make your home smart with Amazon Echo and Philips Hue – a personal experience

    We may have been a bit late to the game but we are getting “smarter”. Greg and I did a ton of research on AI for our home. We compared Google to Amazon. Google just isn’t quite there yet, in our opinion. So, we decided on purchasing 2 Echo Dots – one for the great room and the other for our bedroom. We looked at the Tap and the full size Echo. We decided we didn’t want to hit the darn thing every time we wanted to ask Alexa to do something so that eliminated the Tap. And we could simply tie the Dot into our sound system so there was no need for the speaker on the full size Echo. We did go to Best Buy to do the purchase and found many different opinions but good stuff. However, the young man who said we needed the full size Echo was misinformed. Dot does everything the same, it just doesn’t have the speaker.

    The Echo Dot by Amazon, featuring Alexa

    We’re having fun asking Alexa questions about her parents, etc. I know it’s crazy but we do ask her to tell us a joke or two. I like to ask about the weather so I don’t need to search on line. AND I don’t have a clock, phone or watch by the bed so asking the time has become another thing that I do. The first night we had Alexa I asked it to play a ton of different types of music – pop songs, opera, oldies – it was super listening to Aqualung by Jethro Tull and then turning to The Prayer with Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. She turned the sound up 50% when I asked for Proud Mary with Tina Turner.

    We also wanted to add the feature of smart lighting. We already have an app for our garage door and our gate which helps us downstairs but the lighting wasn’t where we wanted it to be. So…we researched and researched and decided upon Philips, their hub and the bulbs. Yes, we could have chosen other paths with switches, etc., but these bulbs are supposed to last 22 years and we have a lot of recessed lighting.  Now we can turn on the hallway, or the great room, the kitchen or our favorite sparkly lamp just by asking Alexa to do so. And she turns on our porch lights and our exterior garage lights which we like for safety reasons and for the look that they give our home. I also think that having the capability to turn lights off and on is a great security feature even though we have ADT.

    BR30 by Phlips – Smart Lighting at its best

    I’m thinking I want one of the Hue Go’s and maybe some Light strips, which were two other reasons we chose Philips. Plus we are Best Buy members so we get rewards!

    Alexa and Philips are in our home for convenience, safety and for entertainment. In the future, all homes will be built with products like these. We just didn’t want to have to wait until then.

    Yours in making things smarter!

    Jo and Greg Owens

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