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    Not a "dead duck" by a long shot – Oilers lose to Anaheim in Game 3

    A goalie can only do so much and Cam Talbot proved that in Game 3. The Oilers snuck to a victory in Game 2 because of Talbot. But he couldn’t do it all by himself in Game 3. Ducks do have many more hours of experience when it comes to the playoffs and it showed. And we all know it’s super tough to lose at home!

    Here are some articles from a few of my favorite sports writers:



    So what do you do when you lose? You have two choices. You can put your tail between your legs and give up. Or you can seriously look in the mirror, take responsibility, make changes and go out in full force the next time. Sports is just as much a game of mental fitness as it is one of physical prowess. And you can say that in anything we do with our lives, career or personal. Let’s take a baby for example, when they’re learning to walk they sure do fall down a lot. Do we discourage them from getting up? No, we keep telling them to get back up and keep on trying. The more they fall and get up the better they get at walking.

    As adults, we need to think the same way. We rarely learn from our wins, it’s more likely we win from our failures. Some of us give up. We fail and we quit. We’re embarrassed because of what others may think of us. We’re tied to the way it may look when we fail vs the lessons we can learn. So, we give up rather than picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, reviewing what went wrong and adjusting our course.

    In my years of coaching and mentoring and being coached and mentored I see that one of the biggest reasons we give up is that we listen to others telling us things like: it’s just too big of a job; no one in our family has ever done that; that’s a crazy idea, why would you want to do that; you should do what we’ve always done and on it goes! If you listen/watch a few of Gary Vee’s videos/podcasts, you’ll get that real kick in the butt you may need.

    I know that the Oilers are reviewing their game films. Looking at what is going to make the difference against the Ducks. What are you looking to do to improve your game?


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