Oilers not Ducked plus a Client uses her imagination to transform a barn!

    This weekend was wild for all of us. And in hockey for sure, as the Edmonton Oilers beat them like a rented mule in Game 6 against the Ducks. After suffering a really tough loss in Game 5 (Oilers lost after being up 3-0 with only 196 seconds left!,) McDavid, sounding a lot like Mark Messier in 1994, told everyone: “We’ll be back here Wednesday.” And so they will be after a stunning 7 to 1 blowout last night. I’ve attached a link for, in my opinion, stories from the best hockey writers there are.



    On Saturday Claire and I took a road trip to Tarpon Springs. A client of ours who has sold one condo on the beach with 2 more to go (email contact@mytwre.com subject line Gulf Drive for more info) relocated to 5 acres near Tarpon Springs. My lead agent Mike had sold them this property and Saturday was my first time seeing it. It’s situated in an area surrounded by ranches and estates. This choice had had me go hmmmmmm at lot. After all, they had been on the beach for years with direct Gulf views. And in a condo, no less. But after we toured the home, the stable and the barn I totally got it. The vision she has for the “big house” is super. However, what caught my imagination was the vision she has for the barn. A close family member will be making the barn their home. And right now it is just a barn in need of some love. But when it’s finished it will be a fabulously lively living space that I would move into myself. Complete with a garage, laundry, bedroom with huge closets, living room and kitchen on the main floor, upstairs will feature a loft, a den and another bedroom. The children who had lived there prior had created this funky, artsy spot upstairs complete with painted floors, fairy lights, paper ornaments and clever and thoughtful sayings painted on the walls. Some, so profound that our client will remove that portion of the wall and hang them along with her other art. So freaking cool. The barn doors will be used as shutters. Walls of windows will let the natural light in. Far enough from the main house but not too far the barn offers just the right amount of privacy and convenience. We definitely found the nearness to The Lucky Dill Deli a huge benefit to living there. Yummy everything including brisket and Latkes. Don’t forget the dessert!

    During our visit they discussed the types of animals they would like to inhabit the stable. I suggested using that space as a games room – to heck with the animals. I think they’ll take that under advisement, despite the fact they have 3,958 square feet in the main house. It would be so much fun to re-purpose that building. But first things first – the Barn! Stay tuned for more updates.

    Yours in using your imagination and actually manifesting those dreams.



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