Real Estate Dreaming

    In real estate we see it all of the time. A buyer has a home that they have been dreaming about. It has the perfect kitchen, the most magnificent Ensuite and for sure the outdoor area is like an oasis complete with a pool and a state of the art shiny bright built in kitchen. It has the exact number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It is in the perfect location. The interior has upgrades out the wazoo. It looks like the most fantastic home they’ve ever seen on HGTV. And the price if far below the budget. The dream is there. It’s so real you can taste it. And then someone like me enters the picture. Dreams can come true. I’m here to tell you that. But sometimes the dream has to have a bit of an edit, just like a movie.

    I hear , “I want to steal it from the bank”, when it’s a foreclosure (REO) and it’s already been “stolen.” I hear, “The seller only paid X for it so I’m going to only offer Y. Why should he make so much money?” And the famous, “I want a home on the beach for $50,000. I’ve got cash.” And on it goes.

    What is the most often heard line from a seller? “I’m not going to give my property away.” That would mean you’d sell it for 0 dollars. Highly unlikely, right?

    I always ask the buyer to get in the shoes of the seller and vice versa. This way they each understand, for the most part, what to expect. It breaks down barriers and brings reality to bear. This strategy has been proven over and over again to work super well at the beginning and often times during the negotiations Рa strategy that separates the average from the excellent.

    When it comes to buyer’s dreams – they do not have to be shattered. As I noted above though, they may need to be edited. Even a new construction property will not have everything exactly they way you want it! How can that be? You may see something else that you liked better after having made your decision. And you may not be able to make a change. Or a life event happened and it turned things upside down. Your dream home is still dreamy, it just might not be 100% as you planned it – but may end up to be even better than you imagined it could be.

    It’s our job, as consultants, to pull out the dream, examine it from all angles and understand the why around it. After we’ve done a thorough job of analyzing, we bring the market conditions to light, assist with the editing, if any, and help our buyers manifest their dream. It’s a major production, and one we are very proud of. It takes real talent to do this.

    So, what is your dream? And do you want it today or do you want to wait until this or that has happened? If you wait will it still be there? Remember the famous Agent Line, “If you woke up tomorrow and someone else’s name was on that mailbox, would you be okay?”

    If it’s today, next month or next year that you need to buy or sell a property, we’re here to help. We’ve sold more than 1350 homes in the past 10 years. When you help that many buyers and sellers move out and move on you get really good at what you do. And you’re not just a number. We treat you as the individual, special person that you are. Unique in your dreams and your desires. That’s what makes us good at our job, understanding that we’re not all cut of the same cloth. Thank goodness, right?

    Remember our motto. Relax. We’ll do the work. We mean it.

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