Staging Your Home Without Emptying Your Wallet

    When you know company is coming over to visit, what is the first thing you do? Yes! You tidy up the place and put things in right order for their arrival. You make the place look nice, smell nice, and feel welcoming. Staging your home is much the same process. The difference is that your home needs to be show ready for the duration of the time your home is on the market. You may think that you need to run out and purchase expensive furniture or renovate entire rooms, but we are here to offer you some tips on staging your home without emptying your wallet.

    Curb AppealStart with Curb Appeal

    When people drive by your house, you don’t want them to just notice the for sale sign. You want them to turn around and come back for a second look, pull in the drive way, jot down that number on the sign, and call your real estate agent. Having curb appeal can increase the chance of that happening. So, how can you do this without costing a fortune in landscaping?

    • Hire a local youth to mow the lawn and do some trimming. If you have flower beds, instruct them to do the weeding and refresh the bedding. You will be amazing at what this simple step does for the overall appearance of the property.
    • Get out the scrub brush and a bucket to tackle any smudges and marks on the house, doors, windows, and driveway.
    • Put away any decorations, riding toys, and other distracting items. This is not the time to display your vast collection of yard gnomes and pink flamingos.
    • Check for hazards that could cause harm to someone walking around the property. Look for wasp nests, bee hives, and holes in the ground. Have these taken care of right away.
    • Place any lawn or patio furniture into conversational settings. This helps potential buyers see themselves relaxing or entertaining in that space.

    Move in to the Kitchen

    Kitchen sell houses. This is evident within a few moments of watching any home improvement or property selling show on television. Since this is one of the most important rooms in the house, you may want to spend a little money updating things, but we are going to share some inexpensive ways to make things appealing.

    • Do a deep cleaning of areas that normally miss the regular cleaning schedule. Reach up high above the cabinets, get down low under cabinets, and clean the space between appliances and cabinets.
    • Clean the refrigerator’s drip pan, if it has one, and remove any photographs and magnets.
    • Replace any burnt out or dim light bulbs.
    • Remove any sponges or dish cloths from the sink area. Put cleaning supplies away neatly.
    • Organize cabinets and pantries so that items are sorted by color, type, or purpose.
    • Remove any collections or themed items. Keep it neutral. Not everyone is going to appreciate your extensive collection of roosters.

    Staging 2Living Rooms Need Love, Too

    Make your living room look warm, comfortable, and inviting. You want to maximize the size of the space, and you want potential home buyers to see themselves living in this home.

    • Remove collections, family photographs, and anything that could be offensive. This may include anything of a political nature.
    • If you have weapons, store them in another location.
    • Move furniture away from walls to make the room look bigger.
    • Clean windows and window treatments. Remove anything that limits the view or the natural lighting.
    • Clean lamps and ceiling fans. Replace dim and burnt out bulbs.
    • If you have an entertainment center, make sure the chords are secured neatly.
    • Place a vase of flowers on the end table or shelf to make things look vibrant.

    Clean Out Those Closets

    Potential home buyers will be walking through every room of your house. They will open drawers, and they will look in closets. Make sure your closets are shown in their best light.

    • Box up and store unused items in another location. This may be a good time to take gently used clothing to a charity or consignment shop.
    • Pick everything up from the closet floor, including the shoes.
    • Organize clothing by style, use, or color.
    • If possible, make sure all your clothing hangers match.
    • We don’t think about it often, but closet shelves and walls may need a cleaning.

    There are many other things to do when staging your house, and your real estate agent is the best one to speak with about making your house more appealing to buyers. Give one of the agents at TeamWorks WorldWide a call today at 941-779-5149.

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