Weekend Wrap Up

    From Real Estate to Boats to RVing we experienced a lot this weekend and we wanted to share!

    tgchartimageTips for Real Estate?

    1. Understand the market from a local professional who has the data to back up the “feelings” about the market.
    2. Read the Contract!
    3. Have your financing in place with a professional who knows how things go in Florida.
    Here's one of the best boats on the Riviera Maya
    Here’s one of the best boats on the Riviera Maya

    Tips for boat biz in Mexico?

    1. Run your boat every day during season.
    2. Local mechanics are worth their weight in gold.
    3. Relax – it’s just a boat.


    Driving a motor coach is relaxing, especially with 3 puppies!
    Driving a motor coach is relaxing, especially with 3 puppies!

    Tips for RVing?

    1. Don’t trust a guy who has been on the job 2 days to get you safely to your camping spot. Our MotorCoach was 6 inches away from a post that the guy never saw. Ask how long they have been guiding people to the sites. If they’re annoyed about it – tough. They laughed about the fact that a woman took out the side of her brand new coach on that pole and it had to be replaced. Not funny in my books. Thank you soooooooo much to the gentleman with the Prevost who taught us how to back up the coach with the Jeep still attached – it was a nail biter but a real learning experience.
    2. We draw 50 amps. We were hooked up to 50 Amp but kept blowing the breaker. We had to go down from 3 to 1 air conditioners. And the park guys blamed us. This is the same site where they electrical got screwed up on our other coach. I guess we’re suckers for punishment but we thought that with the new coach and a surge protector that we’d be fine. Not. We wonder why it works perfectly at home but not there? Hmmmmmmm.
    3. This all happened at the KOA in Kissimmee off of 7 Dwarfs where we regulary stay but we’re changing our mind about that due to the almost collision with the post AND the freaking power issue.

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