What does $150,000 buy you In Manatee County you ask?

    If you want to purchase a single family home in Manatee County and you have $150,000 to spend what can you expect? Right now there are 7 properties on the market; 3 right at $150,000 and the other 4 between that and $155,000. None of them on the water, by the way!

    These homes are on the market for an average of 36 days (that’s from time of list to closing). What does that mean for you, the buyer? You have to act fast. If you’re cash you can do that. If you need financing you need to have it in place prior to making an offer and you absolutely need to act quickly when you see it. Boom, you see it. Boom, you like it. Boom, you write an offer. Boom, you get all your docs to the bank and push forward through inspections to close.

    Can you low ball these properties and expect to get your offer accepted? Probably not. These Manatee single family homes are selling on average at 102% of listing price – that’s 2% over list so expect to go over the asking price if you really want the property. And ask yourself this question. Why would I go through all of the trouble to make the offer and do the dance if I didn’t want to purchase it?

    The average size of these homes is 1,191 square feet and right now the majority of them currently active on the market are 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

    So if you think you’re going to get a a large home with a ton of “bling” for a steal in this price range this is your reality. And if you’ve ruled out a fixer upper you’ve got even less choices. This is the language of the market. We think it’s in your best interest to know the facts. You’re smart and even better educated and armed for success when you understand the language of certain price bands of homes in Manatee County.

    If you want to be put on our preferred list to see properties that are not yet on the market but are coming soon, just email contact@mytwre.com. Or if you’d like to see the 7 properties that are available we can help. And we also can give you the names of good lenders in the event you need to be pre-approved. Standing by. TeamWorks Over and Out!

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